American Institute for Management Development

323 S. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60604 USA

About the Institute

The American Institute for Management Development is a professional association committed to the betterment of the practice of management globally, and the recognition of managerial competence.

With offices in Chicago and Florida, the Institute conducts training throughout the United States and in many cities throughout the world. 

The professional staff of the Institute consists of a cadre of experienced trainers, all of whom hold a doctoral or other graduate degree and are experts in their field. The Institute is based on a competency-based model which places an emphasis on acquiring or recognizing skill and knowledge useful for the practice of management.

AIMD is also the exclusive source of the prestigious Diplomate in Management and Diplomate in Business Administration designations.


We envision a world where better management practice leads to more effective organizations. Our mission is to provide quality managerial training and development leading to enhanced professional growth. We also seek to recognize and promote managerial competence. We value innovative and new approaches to managerial issues, continuous improvement of the profession of management, and a focus on achieving results with integrity.

The American Institute for Management Development, LLC is a corporation licensed under Florida law.