Candidates for the DBA designation must show competency across a wide range of business knowledge including principles of management, organizational behavior, human resource management, marketing management, finance and accounting, management information systems, and basic economics.

Diplomate Programs

Two diplomate designations are issued by AIMD. The term diplomate literally means "one who has received a diploma". The designation, however, is typically used as an indication of advanced competency in a number of professions including medicine, psychology, engineering, and management. A diplomate designation is awarded once advanced proficiency is proven. Both designations issued by AIMD can be achieved by successfully passing an examination. Please contact the Institute for further details concerning testing options and any necessary  test preparation. 


Candidates for the DM designation must show competency across the major areas of management including planning, motivation, leadership, communication, human resource management, teamwork and group dynamics, diversity and cross-cultural  management, and strategic management,